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Thanks for the clarification. 

This also means that the CITE test data that I mentioned in an earlier
post is correct then.

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The text of the WFS specification is correct.

I made a mistake calling it LatLongBoundingBox and did not realize the 
inconsistency until after the specification was published and more 
importantly after a number of implementation where already done!

In the mean time, further confusion has arisen since some 
implementations advertise EPSG:4326 to make the LatLongBoundingBox 
seemingly consistent when in fact the feature data is in a projected 
coordinate system.

More confusion still arises from the fact that the WMS has a 
LatLongBoundingBox that is, correctly, supposed to be in EPSG:4326 and a

seperate element (BoundingBox) that can be in a specified SRS.

An unfortunate state of affairs that should be rectified with the 
release of V1.1 of the WFS specification.

It relies on the OGC Common Implementation Specification (04-016r4 I 
think) which outlines in great detail how to specify bounding boxes in 
XML documents.


David McCullough wrote:
> This question concerns the optional <LatLongBoundingBox>[s] that may
> returned in the <FeatureType> elements of a GetCapabilities response.
> I'm having some confusion about what SRS the coordinates should be
> relative to. 
> The WFS-capabilities.xsd schema file says that a <LatLongBoundingBox>
> should indicate the edges of the enclosing rectangle in the SRS of the
> associated feature. That seems clear, but then why is the element
> LatLongBoundingBox? That seems to me to imply that the coordinates are
> geodetic, regardless of the associated feature's SRS. Which is
> Thanks.
> -Dave
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