[Requests] Comment on Time Ontology in OWL

Timo Ruohomäki timo.ruohomaki at forumvirium.fi
Wed Nov 28 15:48:40 EST 2018


1. Evaluator:
        Timo Ruohomaki, Forum Virium Helsinki Oy,
timo.ruohomaki at forumvirium.fi

2. Submission: OGC 16-071r2 Time Ontology in OWL


4. Comments/justifications for changes:

I would like to see a time unit more granular than
GeneralDateTimeDescription.second for precision systems. The reason for
this are use cases where sensor observations are made at higher rate than 1
Hz and also to improve interoperability between other time related
standards such as the PTP network time protocol (IEEE 1588-2008) and the
SMPTE 12M1/2 time code for video feeds. The second motivation are use
cases, where it is essential to define the exact order of phenomenons even
if they occur rapidly, within a second.

In PTP the accuracy is less than a microsecond, in SMPTE there are several
variants but in generally a second is split into 24 or 25 frames. In Unix
DateTime, the value is constructed from ticks that equals one of tenth
million of second. In string this part is presented with dot notation.
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