[Requests] Comment on MetOcean profile and extensions to WCS 2.1

Peter Baumann p.baumann at jacobs-university.de
Thu Aug 23 00:51:28 EDT 2018


1. Evaluator: Peter Baumann
2. Submission: 15-045r6, 15-108r2, 17-086r2


1. Requirement: General

This package has a series of severe issues:

* there is no backing SWG motion. A WCS.SWG motion has been made only the the
MetOcean Application Profile, but not on any WCS extension - actually, WCS.SWG
in its last TC meeting after technical scrutiny deliberately decided _not_ to
move forward with these two specs.

* the two extensions for corridor and polygon clipping are technically not
mature; among difficulties in the specs they can be merged into a single more
general one

* corridor and polygon extensions are crafted as generic WCS extensions. Such
extensions must benefit all coverage domains. However, the extensions are
written specifically for MetOcean cases and a very particular data model there.

* a general WCS polygon clipping extension has been presented which is under
work, and has done already an appropriate scrutiny of relevant mathematics (in
particular, vector geometry). This WCS extension encompasses corridors and
curtains, but covers many more cases in a coherent manner.

* Further, it is generally considered disadvantageous to bundle such
specifications for commenting and voting. In comparison, the CIS 1.1 data model
and the corresponding WCS 2.1 service spec update, where both are tightly
correlated, have been decided on separately.

2. Implementation Specification Section number: [General, #]

3. Criticality: Major

4. Comments/justifications for changes:

It is requested to

- disentangle discussion and voting by addressing each of the three specs

- not consider 15-108r2 and 17-068r2 for voting, these specs have been
explicitly held back by WCS.SWG

- hand the case on these 2 specs back to WCS.SWG for further discussion

A way forward towards SWG acceptance might be to relabel these specs as
extensions not to WCS Core, but to the WCS MetOcean Profile

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