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   1. Re: GeoPackage 30-day comment period is open (Even Rouault)


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Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2017 22:34:16 +0100
From: Even Rouault <even.rouault at spatialys.com>
To: geopackage at lists.opengeospatial.org, Jeff Yutzler
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Subject: Re: [Geopackage] GeoPackage 30-day comment period is open
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On mardi 7 f?vrier 2017 17:21:05 CET Jeff Yutzler via Geopackage wrote:
> In case you missed it, we have opened a 30-day comment period for
> GeoPackage 1.2.
> More information here:
> http://geopackage.blogspot.com/2017/02/preparing-for-geopackage-12.html


I think I might have raised this already, but Req 107 about the epsg:4979
entry for the
elevation extension doesn't play nicely with Req 10 and table 3 that define
that the
definition column should contain a WKT OGC CT  01-009 representation of the
SRS. There's
no way to define cleanly a 3D geographic CRS in WKT 1 as far as I know.

Table 30 avoids a bit the issue by mentionning that the content of
definition for epsg:4979
may be any. It would seem better to me that a fixed value is proposed, for
'undefined' so as to be consistant with Req 104 and the WKT 2 extension. Or
another option
is to put the same defintion as epsg:4326 (which is already axis stripped)
by just changing the
EPSG code, so

GEOGCS ["WGS 84", DATUM ["World Geodetic System 1984", SPHEROID["WGS 84",
298.257223563 , AUTHORITY["EPSG","7030"]], AUTHORITY["EPSG","6326"]],
PRIMEM["Greenwich", 0 , AUTHORITY["EPSG","8901"]], UNIT["degree",
0.017453292519943278, AUTHORITY["EPSG","9102"]], AUTHORITY["EPSG","4979"]

Not sure which option is better, but leaving things unspecified is probably
not good.

Table 4 of Req 11 says that any definition can be used for epsg:4326 but
test case /base/
core/gpkg_spatial_ref_sys/data_values_default requires a precise
definition. Table 4 should
likely be altered.


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