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Peter Parslow Peter.Parslow at os.uk
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First of all, my congratulations to Paul and team on an excellent & mammoth task.

And now for a few suggestions and questions aimed at making it even better (with apologies for not making them earlier, as a member of the SWG):

In all parts: iii Preface: third paragraph; typo "therefor" should be "therefore" ('therefor' is a separate word with a distinct meaning)

In all parts: clause 6 Figure 1 vs Figure 2 highlights that parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 use plural nouns, and then the requirements class packages have singular noun names (except for Observations)? Why is this? Would it be better to make the part names & requirement class package names the same?

All parts: Is it necessary (helpful) for Annex A to repeat the text which appears earlier in the document, e.g. three paragraphs of test purpose of /req/alignment/measures at Part 3 A.1 and at

Part 0; Figure 4; is it necessary for LandInfraDataset to have a direct association to Set, as well as the abstractData association? What is the semantic distinction between the two?

Part 3, end of page 21, the sentence " Curvature is one over the radius of curvature" may be clearer presented as a mathematical formula, given that the words can have 'plain text' meaning, as can the phrase "get one over" (!). So perhaps "Curvature equals 1/r, where r is the radius of curvature". Although how does this fit with the following paragraph (and req/alignment/transitions), which suggests that different curve types have different curvature functions?

Part 4, 7.2.2: " lines running longitudinally at key points across the Road," - it seems strange to have 'longitudinally' and 'across'. In context (from the order of clauses, and that the other parts of the sentence are explicit), I reckon this is about StringLines. Section confirms my understanding. May I suggest that the sentence is changed to remove 'across' (with its suggestion of 'perpendicular'? " lines running longitudinally at key parts of the Road"

Part 4; 7.2.2 and 7.3.2 "insure". In British English, this should be "ensure", because "insure" means "to take out insurance"; the OED says this is also true in American English. But some go as far as to say they're interchangeable!

Part 6, 7.1.1 Equipment: can't understand " The purpose of an Survey Process is to generate a survey result and holds all the information about the sensors used for the measurements." Neither can I see that " The Equipment Requirements Class describes the observation processes". Perhaps also mention the Equipment calls itself, so say "The Equipment Requirements Class describes the equipment, sensors, and observation processes.  The purpose of a Survey Process is to generate a survey result, and it holds all the information about the sensors used for the measurements."

Part 6, 7.1.1 Survey results "an structured way to for a later reprocessing possibility", should be "a structured way to enable later reprocessing"

Part 6, 7.1.1 Survey results "all observation" should be "all observations", but is it really true that the purpose of such a link would be to reverse engineer the determination mechanism!?

Part 6, 7.3.1 & 7.4.1 bullet points have a lot of typos; I have suggested revised text in the attached file, although there are a few points where I haven't managed to work out exactly what is intended.

Also, I'm not sure that the OM & GML Observation encodings are that similar, having taken a quick look at the two schemas. It may be true that the simpler encoding in GML 3.2 covers all the aspects of O&M that LandInfra needs - but someone else would have to check!

Keep up the good work , guys.


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