[Requests] Comment on OGC WaterML 2 - Part 3, Surface Hydrology Features Conceptual Model

Paul Scarponcini Paul.Scarponcini at bentley.com
Thu Feb 16 16:19:47 EST 2017

Table 1 is helpful in understanding the linear referencing approach in this proposal in terms accepted by OGC in its Abstract Specification Topic 19 Linear Referencing (ISO19148).
However, it is not clear how one (normatively) specifies the direction of measuring the HY_IndirectPosition.distanceExpression's HY_DistanceFromReferent's absolute Length value in the UML Figures 37.  For example, in Figure 17, is the feature being placed on the inflow or outflow node side of the located feature being referenced (i.e., being measured from).

Paul Scarponcini
Bentley Systems, Inc.

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