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Resent on behalf of Patricia VIVAS.

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Specification Topic for Discrete Global Grid Systems (DGGS)
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In response to the request for public comment on its Discrete Global 
Grid System Abstract Specification Topic, the Universal Postal Union 
(UPU), as specialized agency of United Nations in charge of postal 
issues, would like to contribute to this document with comments. However 
due to various external factors, it would be very difficult to provide 
you with our comments within the time limits.

Nevertheless the UPU reminds interested in the topic for several 
reasons.  On the one hand, the UPU is actively involved in the 
development of postal addressing, including postcodes. At the UPU we 
know that providing an address for everyone remains a challenge. On the 
other hand, during the last decade with the advent of internet and 
communication through electronic networks and more recently with the 
generalization of the use of maps and coordinates, we have witnessed an 
evolution in the way in which addresses are generated and used. The 
increase use of geographic information systems (GIS) have resulted in 
recent years in the invention of numerous new means for geo-coding / 
geo-locating points more quickly and at a much lower cost than 
heretofore possible using traditional addressing systems. However, these 
grid systems (actually called Discrete Global Grid Systems) do not 
generate addresses properly speaking, as per addressable object, but 
uses a hierarchy of equal area tessellations to partition the surface of 
the Earth into grid cells, and do not identify an object as addresses 
do, but a cell on the ground. These grid systems are meant to be used 
with devices, which could limit the use and access of such systems by 
the population in general. We should remind at this point that the UPU 
White paper states that address infrastructures are global public goods, 
which means that should be non-rival and non-excludable. Furthermore, 
these systems use algorithms to translate coordinates into geo-codes 
which are often not open sourced and not free of use for the user, 
especially for international bulk mailers or international logistics 
companies. Finally these grid systems are not interoperable and often 
incompatible at international level  from a purely postal point of view.

In view of the above, the UPU would like to know if there is a 
possibility for an extended deadline for submission of comments.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

With our kind regards,

*Patricia Vivas***

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