[Requests] Comments to 15-113 - OGC CDB Core Standard Model and Physical Data Store Structure

Egbert Casper cas at sig3d.org
Thu May 26 07:30:53 EDT 2016


1.       Evaluator: Egbert Casper, Chair of Special Interest Group 3D (SIG 3D) of GDI-DE

2.       Submission: Document 15-113 - Volume 1: OGC CDB Core Standard Model and Physical Data Store Structure


1.       Requirement: General, Requirement 45

2.       Implementation Specification Section number: 4, 3.4

3.       Criticality: Major

4.       Comments/justifications for changes:

The CBD candidate standard defines a directory / file structure for data for simulation applications, and defines the formats for CDB compliant data bases. For 3D features, ESRI Shapefiles are prescribed as data format (besides OpenFlight). Since shapefile is a proprietary, vendor specific data format, interoperability is affected. The OGC standard CityGML is at least as powerful as the shapefile format. CityGML has been widely adopted and is used throughout the world as a data model and exchange format for virtual 3D city and landscape models. The number of CityGML data sets and tools supporting CityGML is steadily increasing. Hence, CityGML should be used instead of shapefiles for representing 3D features in CDB , or should at least be used predominantly.

The directory/file structure defined in Requirement 45 (section 3.4) is tailored to shapefiles, since separate files for outer geometry, interior geometry, outer textures, interior textures, materials etc. are used; semantics is represented by directory or file names. For CityGML or for GML application schemas in general, this structure is not suitable. Hence, this structure has to be modified in order to accommodate GML / CityGML.

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