[Requests] 2015 RFC comments vs. OGC 14-116 OGC Draft LandInfra Conceptual Model

Jesper Høi Skovdal jes at geoforum.dk
Wed Mar 2 03:42:39 EST 2016

Dear Paul,

Please find attached the new comments of the Danish Geodata Association, Geoforum, in response to the RFC for OGC 15-111, OGC LandInfra Conceptual Model.
The comments have primarily been carried out by professor, Erik Stubkjær, Aalborg University, est at land.aau.dk<mailto:est at land.aau.dk>, with assistance from associate professor, Erik Kjems, Aalborg University, and Head of Road Management Systems at Danish Road Directorate, Eric thor Straten.
Sincerely, it is our hope that the new comments will help you to improve the final OGC LandInfra Conceptual Model.

In general, we do find your initiative excellent and the current model absolutely reasonable.

On behalf of Geoforum Danmark,

Jesper Høi Skovdal
Secretary General

Geoforum Danmark
Kalvebod Brygge 31
DK-1560 Copenhagen V

E-mail: jes at geoforum.dk<mailto:jes at geoforum.dk>
Phone: +45 2280 9039



1. Evaluator: Jesper Høi Skovdal
        [CONTACT INFORMATION: jes at geoforum.dk<mailto:jes at geoforum.dk>, +0045 3886 1075, Geoforum Denmark, Kalvebod Brygge 31-33, 1780 København V ]

2. Submission:
        [OpenGIS Project: LandInfra, Document Number: 15-111, Name: OGC® Land and Infrastructure Conceptual Model Standard (LandInfra)]


Issue 001
4. Comments/justifications for changes: [Comments]

Geoforum appreciates the response of January, 21st 2016 from the OGC Land and Infrastructure SWG towards our comments on the OGC 14-116 Draft.
The present candidate standard has triggered the following issues 002 and 003.
In general, however, Geoforum Denmark indeed welcomes the OGC Land and Infrastructure Conceptual Model Standard.

Issue 002
1. Requirement: [General, #]  7.6.6 Surface, and 7.6.7 Surface Set - Are these details needed here?

LandInfra section 1.1 Relationship to Other Standards includes the following:
bSI IfcRoad:  The intent is that the Road conceptual model in this LandInfra Standard be compatible with the forthcoming IfcRoad conceptual model... Korean model ..

The inclusion in the present standard of Surface and especially Surface Set may complicate compatibility with the mentioned IfcRoad conceptual model, which conceptualizes the road as a body volume, while LandInfra rather has a locational focus.

The LandInfra SWG may consider, whether requirements concerning Surface should be restricted to the top surface and requirements concerning Surface Set postponed to further revisions of LandInfra.

Issue 003
3. Criticality: [Editorial] 1.1 Relationship to Other Standards

Available information suggests that the Korean model, referred to in section 1.1, does not enjoy sufficient consensus to be quoted by LandInfra as representative of the IfcRoad conceptual model. The sentence:  , or at least as closely as can be predicted from a review of the proposed Korean model [8]. and the corresponding reference [8] may be deleted.

-- END --

Fra: Paul.Scarponcini at bentley.com [mailto:Paul.Scarponcini at bentley.com]
Sendt: 21. januar 2016 22:59
Til: Jesper Høi Skovdal; juha.liukas at sito.fi; juha.hyvarinen at vtt.fi; jari.reini at nls.fi; emmanuel.devys at ign.fr; dimitri.sarafinof at ign.fr; mikael.malmkvist at trafikverket.se; olof.bergman at trafikverket.se; per.isaksson at trafikverket.se; peter.a.axelsson at trafikverket.se; lars.wikstrom at trafikverket.se; anders.b.nilsson at trafikverket.se; fredrik.ekstrom at trafikverket.se; vaino.tarandi at abe.kth.se; kurt.lownertz at sweco.se
Cc: landdev.swg at lists.opengeospatial.org; ssimmons at opengeospatial.org
Emne: 2015 RFC comments vs. OGC 14-116 OGC Draft LandInfra Conceptual Model

Jesper Høi Skovdal, Secretary General, Geoforum Denmark
Juha Liukas, building SMART Finland Infra working group / Sito Oy
Juha Hyvärinen, building SMART Finland Infra working group / VTT TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLAND LTD
Jari Reini, National Land Survey of Finland
Emmanuel Devys, IGN
Dimitri Sarafinof, IGN
Mikael Malmkvist, Trafikverket; BIM Alliance Sweden - Technical advisory group
Olof Bergman, Trafikverket
Per Isaksson, Trafikverket
Peter A. Axelsson, Trafikverket
Lars Wikstrom, Trafikverket
Anders B. Nilsson, Trafikverket
Fredrik Ekstrom, Trafikverket
Vaino Tarandi, Royal institute of technology (KTH); BIM Alliance Sweden - Technical advisory group
Kurt Lownertz, BIM Alliance Sweden - Technical advisory group

The OGC Land and Infrastructure SWG wishes to thank you for your comments on OGC 14-116 OGC Draft LandInfra Conceptual Model from early last year.  We have considered these in the rewrite of the LandInfra candidate standard, now OGC 15-111.
I have posted a listing of your comments along with our responses as OGC 15-121:
We hope that we have resolved your comments to your satisfaction, and look forward to any new comments you might have in response to the forthcoming RFC for OGC 15-111, to be announced shortly.


Paul Scarponcini, PE, PhD
Infrastructure Software Standards
Bentley Systems, Inc.
+1 720-810-9021

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