[Requests] LandInfra: comments on 15-111 OGC Land and Infrastructure Conceptual Model

Peter Parslow Peter.Parslow at os.uk
Tue Mar 1 11:56:22 EST 2016

Paul et al,


1. Evaluator:
        Peter Parslow, Ordnance Survey, peter.parslow at os.uk

2. Submission: 15-111 OGC Land and Infrastructure Conceptual Model


1. Requirement: [General, #]

Several aspects of this new standard are reminiscent of application schemas defined by the European INSPIRE project. In most cases, LandInfra as distinctly more detailed, as befits its intended role in the design & construction phases of a project. However, the LandInfra LandDivision package seems to have quite a lot in common with INSPIRE's Cadastral Parcels application schema.

2. Implementation Specification Section number: [General, #]

3. Criticality: [Major, Minor, Editorial, etc.]

Minor - editorial, but to increase the possibility of adoption in Europe.

4. Comments/justifications for changes: [Comments]

Suggestion: add a part D.3 comparing the LandInfra LandDivision package with the INSPIRE Cadastral Parcels package.

I have not been able to draft this for the comment deadline, but may be able to help draft it if this comment is accepted.

A similar 'comparison with CityGML' would be useful, especially in the main areas of overlap: Buildings, Roads. I'm not in a position to offer to do that.

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