[Requests] Comments on OGC Discrete Global Grid System (DGGS) Core Standard (15-104r3)

Tim Dudman tim.dudman at riskaware.co.uk
Thu Jan 28 05:26:51 EST 2016

The proposed OGC DGGS specification was brought to my attention by the
Defence Science Technology Laboratory (Dstl), who felt that Riskaware may
be able to provide useful insight during the review process. Riskaware has
been developing geospatial software for defence application for many years
and has recently developed a DGGS software library for Dstl. Riskaware is
currently planning to release the software under an open-source licence
later this year.

The software Riskaware developed has a C, Java and Python Application
Programming Interface (API). It supports point, line and polygon conversion
to/from WGS84 lat/long and includes two DGGS implementations:

   - ISEA4T (icosohedral base polyhedron with triangular cells and
   hierarchical spatial referencing)
   - ISEA3H (icosohedral base polyhedron with hexagonal cells and
   coordinate spatial referencing)

On reading the proposed OGC specification, it looks like Riskaware's DGGS
software broadly meets the requirements, with the exception of
neighbourhood navigation operations (part of requirement 14) and spatial
analysis operations (requirement 15). There is the potential to implement
these in the next phase of development, along with the inclusion of the OGC
conformance tests (from Annex A) in the software's existing automated test

I only have one comment on the proposed specification (I believe Dstl will
be commenting separately):


1. Evaluator:

*Tim Dudman*
*Principal Consultant*
*Riskaware Ltd*

*tim.dudman at riskaware.co.uk <tim.dudman at riskaware.co.uk>*

*+44 (0) 117 9330543*

2. Submission:

*OGC Discrete Global Grid System (DGGS) Core Standard (15-104r3)*


1. Requirement:


2. Implementation Specification Section number:


3. Criticality:

*Minor / Editorial*

4. Comments/justifications for changes:

*The document states: "A DGGS cell can be considered a container for
storing and retrieving data within a DGGS implementation." The software
developed by Riskaware does not store any data at all. In fact it was a
requirement for the software to only perform coordinate conversion and
hierarchy operations because an existing database is being used to store
the data. Should this statement be changed if a DGGS is intended to be
analogous to a Coordinate Reference System (CRS)?*

We would be happy to share our experience with the DGGS SWG and discuss the
best route to early adoption of the final standard.

Kind regards,


*Tim Dudman* CEng
Principal Consultant
Riskaware Ltd
Tel: +44 (0) 117 9330543
Web: www.riskaware.co.uk

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