[Requests] OGC Web Coverage Service - Transaction operation extension - Comment

Timothy Astle timothy.astle at caris.com
Fri Jun 26 14:48:38 EDT 2015

A couple of questions:

_Requirement 8 _
/After completion of a successful InsertCoverage request, the identifier 
of the coverage established in the server’s offering shall be listed as 
an existing coverage in this WCS service’s Capabilities document./

OGC 06-121r9 (OGC Web Services Common Standard) still allows for the 
idea of an "otherSource" for finding OWS content.  Is the above 
requirement mandating thatwhen implementing a WCS-T, you must describe 
the coverage in the Capabilities' CoverageSummary list? I'm concerned 
that when dealing with a large amount of coverages, that could really 
degrade the performance of a system.

_References to Grids_

I definitely see value to this transactional extension to WCS.  I'm 
definitely interested to watch WCS grow beyond gridded data. In this 
particular extension, I seereferences to grids and grid-related 
terminology and concepts.  I'm concerned that if / when point cloudsor 
TINs are introduced as extensions, that this specification might not 
makesense in some contexts.  For example, if a WCS was created that 
specialized in TINs, the optional grid parameters wouldn't really 
apply.  Is the intent that this is a "grid transactional operation 
extension" or a "general coverage operation extension"? Would a future 
point cloud transactional extension becreated for point cloud 
operations?  Iguess I'm just asking for clarification.

Thankyou for your time and consideration.

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