[Requests] Comments on CIS 1.1 (Coverage Implementation Schema, 09-143r3 [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Dominic Lowe D.Lowe at bom.gov.au
Wed Dec 23 20:08:10 EST 2015

Peter, all,

Please find below two comments on the RFC Coverage Implementation Schema 1.1
Unfortunately I haven't had time for a complete review at this time of year (I will be out of the office for the next three weeks) and have only had a superficial read through but the two issues below stood out as requiring some clarification.

All the best,



1. Evaluator:
        Dominic Lowe, Australian Bureau of Meteorology, d.lowe at bom.gov.au

2. Submission: 09-143r3, Coverage Implementation schema 1.1


1. Requirement:  #1

  *   Section 1.2.3 says: GMLCOV::ReferenceableGrid was only defined as an abstract type (i.e., not instantiatable); in CIS 1.1 it is replaced by the concrete general grid type CIS::GeneralGridCoverage which incorporates the functionality foreseen in GMLCOV 1.0 as a subset.
  *   ReferenceableGrid was defined as a concrete type in GML 3.3. Actually three implementations (by Arrray, by Vector, by Transormation). What is the relationship between this and CIS 1.1?

2. Implementation Specification Section number:

3. Criticality: [Major, Minor, Editorial, etc.]
Potentially Major

4. Comments/justifications for changes:
Clarification is needed about this relationship moving forward. Is the OGC's intention to supersede the GML 3.3 definitions with the CIS definitions?

1. Requirement: #2

  *   Figure 1 shows the grid-irregular package depends on grid-regular. Logically this dependency doesn't seem to make sense (irregular depending on regular).

2. Implementation Specification Section number:
Figure 1

3. Criticality: [Major, Minor, Editorial, etc.]
Unsure of implications.

4. Comments/justifications for changes:
Can the dependencies be refactored somehow? E.g. both grid-regular and grid-irregular could depend on a separate package 'grid'.

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