[Requests] Comments on IndoorGML from Qualcomm Technologies Inc.

Wachter, Andreas awachter at qti.qualcomm.com
Fri Mar 21 13:12:21 EDT 2014


1. Evaluator: Andreas Wachter; Qualcomm Technologies Inc.

2. Submission: OGC 14-005, IndoorGML


4. Comments/justifications for changes:

We thank OGC for making the draft IndoorGML standard available for public comments. In our view, the standard should be useful for indoor navigation, especially as other comprehensive indoor map standards from internationally based SDOs are lacking. However, we have a few comments which we hope OGC can consider.

Comment 1:       We observe that the draft comprehensively supports navigation in office type environments. However, it is less clear how it could address other environments with more open type spaces such as airports, shopping malls, stores, warehouses. Hence, it could be very useful to show (e.g. via some examples) how these other environments can be modeled.

Comment 2:       We understand that the standard is intended primarily to support navigation. However, we believe there can also be another use of indoor maps to assist in indoor positioning  - e.g. using measurements of signals from WiFi and BT access points inside a building or venue. To help compute signal propagation patterns, extra information on walls (e.g. wall height, material, thickness) can be needed and on other obstacles (e.g. bookshelves in a library) that might affect signal propagation. We understand that such information may be of limited or no use for navigation and hence did not need to be addressed in the current draft. However, a possibility would be to add another XML namespace (or namespaces) to include such additional attributes at some later time. We would be interested in OGC's views on this.

Comment 3:       We are aware of some other map standards like SVG and it seems that App developers sometimes use these standards instead of GML. In these cases, the issue of transformations between different standards (e.g. SVG and GML) can arise. We would be interested to know if OGC may have any plans for this area - or sees this as more a realm for proprietary solutions.

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