[Requests] Comments of draft version 2.0 of GMLJP2 Core (OGC 08-085r2)

Gobe Hobona gobe.hobona at envitia.com
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Comment 1 [section vii]: Typo in the draft document. "US NTIF" should be
"US NITF". Alternatively you can use "NATO NSIF".


Comment 2 [section 25]: Another comment is, in relation to Figure 4. If
it is possible to have the GML Box placed at the front of the image it
would help situations where one is attempting to view a very large image
or where one is streaming in a large image from elsewhere. In such
situations, an application needs to have metadata(or coverage
descriptions) as early as possible so that it can position the image or
decide not to stream/upload the rest of the image.







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