[Requests] Endorsement of OpenMI as an OGC standard

Glynn, Pierre pglynn at usgs.gov
Wed May 22 16:56:23 EDT 2013

Dear Dr Reed

This letter expresses my personal support and that of other scientists at
the US Geological Survey (USGS), including Nate Booth the Chief of our
Office of Water Information, for efforts to raise the profile of OpenMI,
and increase its use, by having it adopted as an Open Geospatial Consortium
(OGC) standard.  The USGS has recognized the need throughout its recently
released science strategy documents (cf.
http://www.usgs.gov/start_with_science/) to advance and meet the challenges
of Integrated Environmental Modeling (IEM).  Developing, publicizing and
adopting an international, open, model linking standard, such as OpenMI, is
essential to advancing and meeting the many challenges of IEM.  The USGS
has been actively involved, along with many other organizations, such as
the British Geological Survey, the US Interagency Steering Committee for
Multimedia Environmental Modeling (ISCMEM), the US Environmental Protection
Agency, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and agency members of ISCMEM in at
least 4 workshops seeking to foster the promotion and use of IEM.   These
workshops all made clear that broader adoption of the OpenMI standard was
needed to foster the development of IEM, and the reusability of individual
linked models.  Along with the British Geological Survey (BGS), other
agencies, and university scientists, the USGS has also proposed
collaborative IEM studies of water resources in the Denver Basin of
Colorado and in other basins around world.   The use of a generic, open,
model linking standard, such as OpenMI, will greatly facilitate the
proposed work.

Adoption of the OpenMI standard by a respected international body such as
the OGC will further raise the visibility and use of OpenMI.  We strongly
endorse this outcome.

Yours sincerely

Dr. Pierre Glynn

Former Chair of ISCMEM (2009 and 2010).  USGS representative to ISCMEM
Chief, National Research Program/Eastern Branch
U.S. Geological Survey
432 National Center
Reston, VA 20192
tel: 703-648-5823        fax: 703-648-5832
email: pglynn at usgs.gov
Professional profile: https://profile.usgs.gov/pglynn
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