[Requests] Comments on 12-128r1_OpenGIS_GeoPackage_Implementation_Specification

Andreas Matheus andreas.matheus at secure-dimensions.de
Fri Feb 8 03:08:42 EST 2013


1. Evaluator: Andreas Matheus, Secure Dimensions GmbH
2. Submission: 12-128r1


1. Requirement: n/a
2. Implementation Specification Section number: n/a
3. Criticality: Minor
4. Comments/justifications for changes: Please provide security

This submission describes a ³self-contained, single-file, cross-platform,
serverless, transactional, open source RDBMS data container with table
definitions, relational integrity constraints, an SQL API exposed via a ³C²
CLI and JDBC, and an XML manifest that together act as an exchange and
direct-use format for multiple types of geospatial data including vector
features, individual rasters and tile matrix pyramids, especially on mobile
/ hand held devices in disconnected or limited network connectivity
environments.² Because the anticipated use is especially on mobile /handheld
devices, an outline about the risks involved seem to be of interest.

As it is good practice to follow other standardization organizations such as
OASIS and IETF, I do encourage the submitting organizations to provide
security considerations outlining how security regarding confidentiality,
integrity, authentication and authorization could be achieved to protect the
assets from the GeoPackage.

Secure Dimensions GmbH
Waxensteinstr. 28, 81377 Munich, Germany
Managing Director: Andreas Matheus
Chamber of Commerce Munich: HRB 178441
Web: http://www.secure-dimensions.com
Phone: +49 (0)89 38151813

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