[Requests] Change title for distinctiveness of the ESRI proposed map request handling service (12-056)

Adrian Custer ac at pocz.org
Mon Jul 23 12:56:09 EDT 2012

Change Request


1. Evaluator:
     Adrian Custer
     ac at pocz.org

2. Submission:
     GeoServices REST API - Part 3: Map Service (12-056r1)


1. Requirement:
     None --- the title page needs to be changed.

2. Implementation Specification Section number:
     Title page

3. Criticality:

4. Comments/justifications for changes:

The name 'Map Service' is currently in use at the OGC and reuse of this 
name by the proposed specification is liable to cause enormous confusion 
within the OGC community and in the general public. The proposal should 
change the title of this standard.

The issues in the shared title of the series has been addressed 
elsewhere, leading to the conclusion that the series is defining a 
single service type backed by simplified features with tabular 
attributes, that is a 'Tabular Feature Service,' and that the series is 
defining multiple requests types for that service. That is the service 
is 'multipurpose' and uses URL templates for the HTTP requests.

When applied to the specific issues of map requests, we get a title like:

	    URL template map requests for
	the Multipurpose Tabular Feature Service.

which is more accurate and mostly avoids the confusion of calling the 
service a Map Service.

	Adrian Custer

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