[Requests] GeoServices REST API - Phased approach

Andrew Turner ATurner at esri.com
Tue Aug 14 18:49:40 EDT 2012


1. Evaluator: Andrew Turner, Esri

2. Submission: GeoServices REST API - Phased approach


1. Requirement: All

2. Implementation Specification Section number: All

3. Criticality: Major

4. Comments/justifications for changes:

The GeoServices REST API Candidate is a very large specification
consisting of 8 parts that encompass the entirety of possible geospatial
services. It is built upon a core that is then extended for subsequent

Due to the encompassing nature of the specification along with the
concerns of the baseline as well as individual components this suggestion
is to adopt a phased approach to the proposal, feedback, development and
acceptance of these parts.

By adopting a phased approach discussion can be focused on developing a
common, agreeable Core. Following that there could be grouped development
and acceptance of comparable services. For example then develop the
Geometry and Feature service, and in a third phase the Catalog and Map
service, and finally the Geoprocessing and Geocoding services.

In addition to more focused discussion this phased approach would allow
developers to build reference implementations and verify concepts along
the way. Within this development issues could be resolved before moving
onto the next set of services.

Through a stepped roadmap the entirety of the specification could be
adopted but in a phased approach to achieve the best possible outcome with
focused discussion and solid implementations to prove the concepts.

Andrew Turner, CTO
Esri R&D Center, Washington, DC
m: 248.982.3609 | e: aturner at esri.com
tw: @ajturner

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