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1. Evaluator: Edric Keighan - CubeWerx Inc.

2. Submission: GeoServices REST API --- All


1. Requirement: All

2. Implementation Specification Section number: All

3. Criticality: Major

4. Comments/justifications for changes:

Introducing the GeoServices REST API is incompatible and contrary to 
OGC's mission "to advance the development of international standards for 
_geospatial interoperability_". The OGC's mission and mandate need to be 
reviewed and changed in light of this specification prior to its 
adoption by OGC members. The issue that few OGC members are attempting 
to resolve by introducing this specification to other OGC members and to 
the geospatial community is that the existing OGC service specifications 
are not RESTful. However, the GeoServices REST API introduces a 
redundant specification that is not directly compatible with the 
existing suite of OGC specifications developed during the last 15 years. 
This is resulting in a lot of confusion for all OGC members, higher 
financial risks for all organizations already compatible with current 
OGC specifications and interoperability problems that are worse than not 
having a RESful API.If adopted, this specification would drastically 
hinder interoperability, since organizations would likely implement 
support for only one or the other of the possible APIs into client and 
server applications. A client or server application that supports both 
possible APIs would take much more development effort, increasing 
development costs and seriously impacting adoption of OGC specifications 
in the market.

If adopted, this specification will generate a large amount of 
confusion, higher financial risks, and a large number of 
interoperability problems in the OGC community for years to come.

Edric Keighan
President & CEO
CubeWerx Inc.

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