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1. Evaluator: Edric Keighan - CubeWerx Inc.

2. Submission: GeoServices REST API --- All


1. Requirement: All

2. Implementation Specification Section number: All

3. Criticality: Major

4. Comments/justifications for changes:

The name of the specification is inappropriate in today's evolving state 
of REST technology and should be changed to exclude REST from its title. 
The overuse of GET and POST in the specification is considered by many 
as common mistakes in REST. The following comments illustrate that point:

  * The deletion of resources is not accomplished via the HTTP DELETE
    operation. Instead, they are accomplished via an overloaded POST
    operation that is contrary to the principals of REST.
  * Many of the URLs refer to operations rather than resources.E.g., the
    URL of a map is "<...>/export?<parameters>".The URL therefore
    specifies the operation and not the resources.
  * There are a few resources (such as maps) that can be requested via
    either HTTP GET or HTTP POST.The usage of HTTP POST as a glorified
    GET operation is contrary to the principals of REST.

In addition, the initial constraints imposed by the selection of the 
software tools that lead to the GeoServices API specification have for 
most parts disappeared (see section 6.2.2 of GeoServices REST API - Part 

The specification as currently written is at best a work-around, already 
outdated, and does not respond to current requirements for using REST.

Edric Keighan
President & CEO
CubeWerx Inc.

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