[Requests] REST GeoServices Core Comments

Douglas Nebert ddnebert at usgs.gov
Fri Aug 10 15:41:47 EDT 2012

Updated document with 'track changes' attached.


1. Evaluator: Douglas Nebert, USGS
2. Submission: GeoServices REST API — Part 1: Core


1. Requirement: All
2. Implementation Specification Section number: All
3. Criticality: Major
4. Comments/justifications for changes: Edited for consistency with 
changes proposed in the other Parts regarding Catalog and Attachment.


Douglas D. Nebert
Senior Advisor for Geospatial Technology, System-of-Systems Architect
FGDC Secretariat   Tel/Fax:+1 503 454-6248   Cell:+1 703 459-5860 	

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