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Douglas Nebert ddnebert at usgs.gov
Thu Aug 9 12:24:08 EDT 2012

Updated document with 'track changes' attached.


1. Evaluator: Douglas Nebert, USGS
2. Submission: GeoServices REST API — Part 4: Feature Service


1. Requirement: 20
2. Implementation Specification Section number: 9.3.2
3. Criticality: Minor
4. Comments/justifications for changes: Time shall be expressed in ISO 
8601 time for single and start/end times

1. Requirements: 54-73
2. Implementation Specification Section number: 12
3. Criticality: Major
4. Comments/justifications for changes: For symmetry with the identified 
json structure "attributes" and conformity with the ISO feature model, 
the Clause reference to "Attachment(s)" and "Attachement(s)" 
(misspelling) shall refer to "Attribute", "Attributes", or "Attributes 
Info" as appropriate. These are not just attachments - they are the 
visible properties of the feature. Attributes Info should expose which 
(if not all) attributes are available for display. It is not described 
in this document how "geometry" might be returned; if desired, geometry 
may be returned in the context of Attributes.

Douglas D. Nebert
Senior Advisor for Geospatial Technology, System-of-Systems Architect
FGDC Secretariat   Tel/Fax:+1 503 454-6248   Cell:+1 703 459-5860

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