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I'm not sure, if the role of a person submitting a comment is an evaluator.





1. Evaluator:

Miguel Montesinos

CTO Prodevelop

mmontesinos at prodevelop.es <mailto:mmontesinos at prodevelop.es>  



2. Submission: [11-030, Open GeoSMS Standard - Core]







1. Requirement: 5.2.2 



2. Implementation Specification Section number: 5.2



3. Criticality: ¿Major?



4. Comments/justifications for changes: [Comments]


Nowadays, LBS applications usually make use of different positioning systems. iOS or Android location APIs use three different positioning systems: Telephone cell based, WiFi and GPS. More systems will come in the future (Galileo or other GNSS, indoor location, etc.).


I miss some information about the accuracy of the location. Accuracy offers an important usage, as it may affect a lot to location. Using WiFi or cell-based location, the accuracy may be of several hundred meters, what could be too much for many applications. So when handling with a location, it's advisable to know the accuracy its location.


I suggest to add a new requirement for specifying the accuracy of the position. A proposal of the requirement description is included below:


5.2.2 Optional: Accuracy




An Open GeoSMS message may have an optional parameter in the query string of the valid http/https URI the location information in the format accuracy=value. The value of the accuracy shall be expressed with a floating-point number using IEEE 754 representation [9] , with the units in meters. For example, an accuracy of 4.5 meters for a location may be shown as "accuracy=4.5".


[9] IEEE 754-1985 (1985), Standard for Binary Floating-Point Arithmetic, 





Note: I've added the reference to single-floating point, as defined by IEEE, because its definition is not included in the proporsal document nor the referenced documents (OGC 06-121r9, OGC Web Service Common Standard, version 2.0.0, April 2010 or OGC 06-042, OpenGIS® Web Map Service Implementation Specification, version 1.3.0, 2006.).


Should you have any comments, please contact me.


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