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General Comments:

ASA supports and uses both NetCDF and OGC standards in a broad range of our applications. ASA has reviewed the candidate documents and puts its unqualified support behind the NetCDF - OGC standards effort. We look forward to a more unified future where NetCDF is a binary exchange standard for OGC protocols. We would like to recognize the extraordinary effort that Ben Domenico and others at OGC and UCAR have put into this standards effort. Thank you for your work. ASA will look forward to quick community acceptance and will continue to adopt its use in our tools.

Formally we do have one addition to the list of proposed Data Model extensions to manage irregular grids that we would like to see considered for inclusion in the NetCDF Primer Document.


1. Evaluator:
                ASA | Applied Science Associates, Inc.
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                Phone: +1 401 789-6224


2. Submission:
                10-091r1CF-netCDF Primer

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