[Requests] Comment on WCS 2.0 draft

Stephan Meißl stephan.meissl at eox.at
Thu Apr 8 09:06:55 EDT 2010


1. Evaluator: Stephan Meissl, EOX IT Services GmbH (OGC member),
stephan.meissl at eox.at

2. Submission: OGC 09-146, GML 3.2.1 Application Schema for WCS 2.0


1. Requirement: General

2. Implementation Specification Section number: General, 6

3. Criticality: Major

4. Comments/justifications for changes: Add slot for specific metadata
to be used in application profiles.

In application profiles, as defined in OGC 09-153, "WCS 2.0 Overview:
Core & Extensions" Figure 1 and section 6.2, it will be necessary to
expand AbstractCoverage with some domain specific metadata. We propose
to include an empty element allowing xlink attributes ('by-reference'
pattern) under "AbstractCoverage" with cardinality 0 or 1 (optional).
This can be used in application profiles like an "Earth Observation
Application Profile" to mandatorily include a link to EO-GML metadata as
specified in 0GC 06-080r5, "GML 3.1.1 Application schema for Earth
Observation products". 

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