[Requests] WPS should publish WSDL by embedding an URL in the GetCapabilities response

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FYI, the OWS Common Revision Working Group has a draft extension to OWS Common that specifies a somewhat different way of making the URL for WSDL available to clients.  Please see Subclause 8.4 of document OGC 05-008r1, available to OGC members at http://portal.opengeospatial.org/files/?artifact_id=10650&version=1.


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Subject: WPS should publish WSDL by embedding an URL in the GetCapabilities response

Hi All

If the WPS spec can leave an option for implementers to publish their process WSDL through URL which can be embedded in the service metadata or GetCapabilities response, a (software) client may have option to either use KVP requests or WSDL based service calls. Suggestions:

1.      Add an element such as "WSDLLink" with type of anyuri 
2.      Make the element optional  
3.      Add an Annex to document the WSDL and possible SOAP binding schema,  and to elaborate the use of this option 


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