[Requests] ebRIM profile of CSW (RFPC 29) Response

Richard Martell rmartell at galdosinc.com
Fri Feb 17 19:26:50 EST 2006

 1. Evaluator: 
 Richard Martell <rmartell at galdosinc.com>
 Galdos Systems, Inc.

 2. Submission: 
 OGC Request 29: OGC Catalogue Services - ebRIM profile of CSW (ebRIM): 
 Request for Public Comments  

1. Subclause 9.1.8 [MAJOR]
   All stored queries should return csw:GetRecordsResponse as the 
   document element. And perhaps use a common table structure to document 
   Supported methods: GET, POST
   Search results: 

2. Subclause [MINOR]
   Set the default GET mapping for stored queries to something simple and 
   meaningful like the following: 

3. Subclause [MINOR] 
   Allow the following common parameters for all stored queries 
   (defaults in parentheses):
   - view
   - startPosition (1)
   - maxRecords (20)

4. Subclause 10.2.1 [MAJOR]
   Clarify the granularity of transaction statements--shall the entire request 
   entity or each child action (e.g. insert, update, delete element) be treated 
   as an atomic unit of work?

5. Subclause 6.3 [MINOR]
   To enable cataloguing of remote repository items, add ObjectType:RepositoryItem 
   to extend the canonical ExternalLink and remove the RepositoryItemFor 
   association type. A 'foreign' repository item can then represented as a kind 
   of external link.

6. Subclause 6.4 [MINOR] 
   To enable easy access to extension packages, all available extension packages 
   must be included as members of a parent registry package that has the following 


7. Subclause 9.1.4 [MINOR] 
   Use the conventional syntax for parameter references in stored query definitions: 

8. Subclause 10.1.2 [MINOR]
    Allow for a Harvest request that results in creating an external link to a 
    resource (see #7) rather than retrieving and inserting it into the locally managed 
    repository. Include a processing instruction to indicate this:
    <?csw-ebrim-harvest link-only="true"?>

9. Subclause 10.1.2 [MINOR]
    When harvesting or submitting a repository item, specify the ebRIM 
    mapping rules used to generate or update registry objects (the 
    domain model) from resource content. A processing instruction 
    can be used to do this.
    <?csw-ebrim-harvest mapping-rules="some-uri"?>
    where the value of the mapping-rules pseudo-attribute is a reference to a 
    specification of the (abstract) production rules. This could be a 
    published XSLT resource, or some other document that specifies the 
    production rules.

10. WSDL document csw-ebrim-1.0.0.wsdl [MAJOR] 
    Update WSDL for the current W3C CR <http://www.w3.org/TR/wsdl20/>

11. Schema document pkg-basic.xsd [MINOR]
    Prohibit the appearance of wrs:ValueList/rim:Value, since 
    wrs:valueList is intended only to allow complex slot values.
    Add a Schematron assertion to this effect.

12. Schema document wrs-capabilities.xsd [EDITORIAL]
    Add documentation element to wrs:ServiceFeatureType to describe 
    a feature.


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