[Requests] ebRIM profile of CSW (RFPC 29) Response

Simon.Cox@csiro.au Simon.Cox at csiro.au
Fri Feb 17 00:10:27 EST 2006

Part A is to be completed once per evaluator per comment submission.  Please iterate over Part B as needed.

 1. Evaluator: Simon Cox, CSIRO, PO Box 1130, Bentley, WA, 6102, Australia
Simon.Cox at csiro.au

 2. Submission: OGC Request 29: OpenGIS® Catalogue Services - ebRIM profile of CSW (ebRIM): Request for Public Comments  

 1. Specification Section number: 6.3

 2. Criticality: EDITORIAL

 3. Comments/justifications for changes: 
After or alongside 
	"conforms to some well-known content type, as indicated by the value of the rim:ExtrinsicObject/@mimeType attribute;" 

add comment or note 
	"The mimeType indicates the encoding but not the schema or content model for the repository item."

 1. Specification Section number: 7.5

 2. Criticality: MINOR

 3. Comments/justifications for changes: 
The identifier "http://www.opengis.net/gml/Envelope" used as the slot name for bounding boxes is new to me. 
I don't recall this being defined anywhere; if so, then a reference should be provided; else if the entry in the table is intended to act as the definition, then this should be made clear. 

Note that the correct W3C Schema Component Designator would be either http://schemas.opengis.net/gml/3.1.1/base/feature.xsd#xscd(/element::Envelope) or http://schemas.opengis.net/gml/3.1.1/base/feature.xsd#xscd(/Envelope) or urn:ogc:specification:gml:schema-xsd:feature:3.1.1#xscd(/element::Envelope) etc (see http://www.w3.org/TR/xmlschema-ref/)

However, in this context I believe it is the concept, rather than the schema representation that is intended. In which case an identifier based on reference to the definition of GM_Envelope in ISO 19107 would be preferable. Maybe consider something in the OGC URN "def" branch as in the current proposals to extend that to FeatureType and ObjectType ...

 1. Specification Section number: 9.1.10

 2. Criticality: MINOR

 3. Comments/justifications for changes: 
OGC 05-093 is a pending change request to the Filter Encoding specification that adds explicit temporal operators. The set of operators is explicitly patterned on the logic described in ISO 19108. Perhaps add a NOTE: alerting users to the fact that this sub-clause would effectively be superseded if that CR were adopted. 

 1. Specification Section number: B.2

 2. Criticality: MINOR

 3. Comments/justifications for changes: 
Not clear that the "specification" branch of the OGC URN scheme is the right place for fine-grained identifiers like these. 
I thought it was intended more to identify whole specifications. 
Consider putting this set of classification nodes in the "def" branch rather than the "specification" branch. 
See 06-023 for current version of this. 

 1. Specification Section number: B.3

 2. Criticality: MAJOR

 3. Comments/justifications for changes: 
In the accompanying schema package, the "id" XML attribute  is used, but not the "lid". My understanding was that "lid" was preferred for the "persistent" (version independent) identifier, so should used here to hold the preferred URNs etc, with the "id" holding local (version-specific) ids. - see ebRIM clause 2.5.6. 

 1. Specification Section number: General

 2. Criticality: FYI

 3. Comments/justifications for changes: 
Some documents containing draft ebRIM Classification Scheme representations of some of the codelists from OGC and ISO 19115 can be found here: https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/subversion/registries/trunk/OGC/  https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/subversion/registries/trunk/ISO/ 

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