[Requests] CSW2 AP ISO (RFPC 35) Response

Clemens Portele portele at interactive-instruments.de
Sat Apr 22 20:06:42 EDT 2006

Part A is to be completed once per evaluator per comment submission.  Please
iterate over Part B as needed.

1. Evaluator: Clemens Portele, interactive instruments GmbH

2. Submission: OGC Request 35: OpenGIS® Catalogue Services Specification
2.0.1 (with Corrigendum) - ISO Metadata Application Profile (CSW2 AP ISO):
Request for Public Comments  

1. Specification Section number: Clause 3 / GENERAL

2. Criticality: MAJOR

3. Comments/justifications for changes: Before publication the normative
references to both ISO 19115 and ISO/TS 19139 should be changed to (plus any
resulting changes to the rest of the document should be applied):

"ISO 19115:2003 Cor. 1, Geographic information - Metadata - Technical
Corrigendum 1"

Note: According to the ISO/TC 211 website, the corrigendum has been sent to
ISO CS for publication (ISO/TC 211 document number N1979).

[Justification: This version of ISO 19115 is the basis for ISO/TS 19139.]

"ISO/TS 19139:-, Geographic information - Metadata - Implementation

There is no version 1.0 of ISO/TS 19139. References to "v1.0" should be
removed to avoid potential confusion and all references should be to the (to
be) published version ISO/TS 19139.

[Justification: Any adopted version of the profile should reference and use
an adopted version of ISO/TS 19139, not an unpublished intermediate version.
Currently the latest internally published version within ISO/TC 211 is the
final DTS from October 2005.]
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