[Requests] CSW2 AP ISO (RFPC 35) Response

ulrich.dueren@lverma.nrw.de ulrich.dueren at lverma.nrw.de
Fri Apr 21 05:16:19 EDT 2006

Part A is to be completed once per evaluator per comment submission.  Please iterate over Part B as needed.

 1. Evaluator:
Ulrich Düren
Landesvermessungsamt NRW
dueren at lverma.nrw.de

 2. Submission: OGC Request 35: OpenGIS® Catalogue Services Specification 2.0.1 (with Corrigendum) - ISO Metadata Application Profile (CSW2 AP ISO): Request for Public Comments  

 1. Specification Section number: and Table 9

 2. Criticality: 

 3. Comments/justifications for changes:
EPSG 4326 uses the coordinate order Latitude, Longitude
This should also be reflected in Table 9. The order should be SouthBoundLatitude, WestboundLongitude, NorthBoundLatitude, EastBoundLongitude.
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