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Luis Bermudez lbermudez at opengeospatial.org
Thu Oct 13 09:35:31 EDT 2011

Dear Chetan

There are lots of tutorials and information at the OGC network

A tutorial of SWE and SensorML is here:

Here is simple SensorML generator 
it is simple so It does not support all the SensorML features, but you can see the mort important ones. You can use it to "play" learn and see a conformant XML. The choose selection does not work, but you can type your own URIs.

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On Oct 12, 2011, at 12:57 PM, kp chetan wrote:

> Hi,
> I want start with sensorML  .
> Can any suggest a best doc/link start with sensorML ..?
> regards
> Chethan
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