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Dear John and Laurent,

thank you very much for your answers! This is the most comprehensice list of ontologies/dictionaries I have ever heard! Finding ontologies/dicitonaries is really difficult. 

I will look through all mentioned lists and references!

Thank you very much,

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Great links, thanks Laurent.

I forgot to mention the SeaDataNet/NERC DataGrid vocabularies have a  
few more sets of instruments/platforms.

See for example list L055.


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> Hi Thomas and John,
> You should also use the following resources for remote sensing  
> sensors, especially the first one.
> The databases maintained by the WMO Space Programme including tables  
> which describes the observational requirements from WMO and other  
> international organizations (is there anyone on the mailing list  
> which knows more about the status of the planned upgrades of this  
> material?)
> [A] CEOS-WMO Databases on observational requirements, instruments  
> and reception systems http://www.wmo.int/pages/prog/sat/Databases.html#UserRequirements
> For the Meteorological domain, you can also try to leverage the BUFR  
> vocabularies (some effort required to re-format them)
> BUFR is available from here
> http://www.ecmwf.int/products/data/software/download/bufr.html
> But it is structured in an easier format hidden in this Java library  
> to process BUFR data (see .txt files e.g. codeFlagTab.txt)
> [B] WMO BUFR Java library and XML translator http://sourceforge.net/projects/wmobufr/
> For the oceanic domain, a good starting point is the IODE/JCOMMM  
> instruments list available from their January 2008 forum (this work  
> is continuing here: http://www.oceandatastandards.org/)
> [C]: Resource Documents for the IODE/JCOMM Forum on Oceanographic  
> Data Management and Exchange Standards http://iodeweb2.vliz.be/omap/Standards/
> Laurent
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