[SensorML] SensorML 1.0.1: 'metadataGroup' Circular ReferenceException

Hsu-Chun Yu jamesyu at itri.org.tw
Mon Mar 9 08:18:32 EDT 2009

Hi all,

We had faced the same problem and we have to manually comment out the schema elements causing circular reference, run the Microsoft .Net xsd.exe tool to transform schema into C# classes, and then construct the classes of the commented schema elements. It's a tedious work.

An alternative approach is using the XMLSpy software (enterprise version) to do the job. But since the generated classes are too complicated, we did not adopt the approach.

Hsu-Chun James Yu
Internet Platform Architecture Department,
Information and Communications Research Laboratories,
Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan
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  This has come up before on the SensorML Forum but I forgot the solution. You’re right that the schema are valid but it’s a fluke of some for the XML engines.


  Can somebody repost the solution to this?



  Mike Botts



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  Subject: SensorML 1.0.1: 'metadataGroup' Circular Reference Exception


  Hello Dr. Botts,


  We have a problem with creating a .NET service reference to the SOS.  We get an exception reporting that SensorML has a ‘metadataGroup’ circular reference; which the Microsoft XML parser perceives as invalid.  Obviously you have a valid XML schema, but Microsoft doesn’t like it.  Do you have a workaround or schema solution that addresses the incompatibility?


  Thank you!




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