[SensorML] SensorML 1.0.1: 'metadataGroup' Circular Reference Exception

Mike Botts mike.botts at uah.edu
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This has come up before on the SensorML Forum but I forgot the solution.
You're right that the schema are valid but it's a fluke of some for the XML


Can somebody repost the solution to this?



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Subject: SensorML 1.0.1: 'metadataGroup' Circular Reference Exception


Hello Dr. Botts,


We have a problem with creating a .NET service reference to the SOS.  We get
an exception reporting that SensorML has a 'metadataGroup' circular
reference; which the Microsoft XML parser perceives as invalid.  Obviously
you have a valid XML schema, but Microsoft doesn't like it.  Do you have a
workaround or schema solution that addresses the incompatibility?


Thank you!




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