[SensorML] Envelopes/Bounded Areas

Kris McGlinn mcglinnk at cs.tcd.ie
Mon Jul 28 09:15:28 EDT 2008

Hi Again,

I have another question I hope someone out there may be able to help me 
with. It is regarding "Geolocation Area" and "Envelope". Are there any 
instance examples of these out there?

I have defined a building as a reference frame, and I am defining 
additional reference frames within that for proximity based detectors 
(on another point, does anyone know if "hertz" is a defined phenomena?).

Now, I am looking to define a geolocation area as "ground floor" and 
within this I wish to define multiple bounded areas, or envelopes for 
each detector...which will basically represent the boundaries of the 
room in which they are in on this floor.

I see the envelope and area is defined in the annex and for the envelope 
it has a description "Envelope described using two vectors specifying 
lower and upper corner points. This is typically use to define 
rectangular bounding boxes in any coordinate system." Which sounds 
perfect for me, only I don't see how you go about defining these two 
vectors, and how this is then referenced to a particular instance of my 

All help much appreciated!



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