[SensorML] A question about outputs.

Jesper Zedlitz jze at informatik.uni-kiel.de
Tue Jul 22 04:25:15 EDT 2008

Hi Pine,

> how to define the data type for the outputs? E.g. for a temperature sensor I
> have used the swe:Quantity to define the unit of the output (cel). How can I
> also define the data type (integer, decimal or string) for the output? 
The type "swe:Quantity" specifies the data type: The element "value" must 
contain a xsd:double. 

I wrote a little list, which XML-schema datatype belongs to which SWE-common 

SWE type         content type
---------------  ----------------
Quantity         double
Category         token
Boolean          boolean
Count            integer
Time             dateTime
Text             string


BTW: My spam filter marks your e-mail as suspicious because the real-name 
equals the localpart of the address and contains no vowels.

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