[SensorML] Data inputs and Process Model /Chain

Randrianarivelo Tiana t.randrianarivelo at brgm.fr
Tue Jul 22 03:46:48 EDT 2008

I am using Process Model in order to use mathematical model as Virtual
Sensor Component.
In Process Model, model's inputs are described in the inputs section.
1 - I am wondering How the inputs data source can be described .
Inputs Data source can be available in a data bank, remote file for
2 - In case of Data Inputs come from Real Sensor,  will Process Chain be
suitable for describing a kind of Composite physical and non physical
Process :, the Process Chain component list will be composed of : 
 - a Component : Atomc Physical Process ; used in my case to retrieve
model Data Inputs
 - a Process Model : Atomic Non Physical Process : used for the model
Data Inputs Source may be interesting to put in the inputs section for
further use in Sensor Observation Service .

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