[SensorML] SensorML to Describe IP camera

Mike Botts mike.botts at uah.edu
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There is a start of an IP video cam on the UAH VAST svn server at:


This is the beginning of a "full-up" robust description and includes
component descriptions that will hopefully one day be provided by the
manufacturer. When those become available, or if one is not interested in
being so robust, then they would just provide an instance document similar
to the vastcam0_Axis213PTZ.xml. In fact, if I have other instances of this
same camera, I should now only have to provide this instance file for each,
since the Axis 213PTZ system is now fully described by the other files.

As you can see in the Readme document, the hierarchy of a typical video
camera on a rotating gimbal might include the following components:

- Instance document for a specific camera installation
  - camera system
    - imaging component
      - detector component
      - lens component (possibly with separate zoom actuator and sensor)
      - the CSM sensor model (i.e. "internal geometry")
    - gimbal component (possibly with separate pan/tilt actuators and

The example on the svn is still a work in progress. I will try to notify the
forum when it is more complete.

Hope that helps.

Mike Botts

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Dear Sir,

    Could you give me an example of sensorML to describe IP camera?
    I am using sensorML to describe IP camera which is connected with  
the station.  IP camera is one of sensors for the station.  IP camera  
consist of IP, Mac address, model, compary
Thank you in advance.

Best regards,
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