[SensorML] standard sensornames ?

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Hello Pine,


You guys are absolutely right,


So far SensorML and other SWE specifications don’t insure interoperability at the semantic level since everything is pretty open with the “definition” attribute.

The first step was to insure interoperability at the syntactic level while still making the schema applicable to any kind of sensor systems, which means any kind of terminology/semantics.

This is what the current specification does.


There is currently work in progress about defining dictionaries and ontologies of terms/concepts, each one identified with the URI that people can use within SensorML/SWE documents, and in a more global context. 

Unfortunately this work is just starting so for now you will have to rely on per-domain/application dictionaries (basically your own or somebody else’s that you decide to use because it fits your need).

I will let the persons who currently have such vocabularies available online answer to this message since their work may be of interest for you.


I would STRONGLY recommend that you setup your software or systems so that you can easily switch to more official URIs once they are available.

We will most certainly post a message to this mailing list as soon as there is a reliable OGC approved source of definitions with stable URIs that people can start using in SWE standards.



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Hi all,


I have similar question. The schema contains a lot of fileds some of which (mainly come from GML) may not be necessary in most of cases. I am wondering if there is a standard specification on what information items are necessary or optional. Otherwise I think it is still difficult for the interoperation. Let me know your great ideas!


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Subject: [SensorML] standard sensornames ?


Dear all,
Are there any standard methods to write sensornames and phenomenons?
For Example if I want to write 'Soil Moisture Sensor', how do I write it?
'Soil_Moisture' or 'SoilMoisture' or 'SM' or 'S M Sensor' etc
Is there a standardized list of how sensornames and phenomenon names should be written? ... So that they are unique and distinguished globally?
Thanks and regards,

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