[SensorML] process model implementations

Mike Botts mike.botts at nsstc.uah.edu
Fri Jun 29 18:12:19 EDT 2007


We are in the process of updating all processes and examples to the approved
SensorML V1.0. We are also working toward creating profiles (in RelaxNG) for
each process, as well as updating the Java classes that can execute SensorML
process models. In addition, we will update our documentation on the web.
Over the next month we will try to get these complete, along with an updated
version of the SensorML process chain parser/executor and process library.

Thanks for your interest and you patience.
Mike Botts

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The SensorML website lists several process model implementations. 
But unfortunately the pages for the implementations are almost empty. Can
these documents (interface, algorithm etc.) be found somewhere?


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