[SensorML] SensorML and TransducerML

Alexandre Robin robin at nsstc.uah.edu
Thu Jun 7 10:23:41 EDT 2007

Hello Jesper,

There is indeed some overlap between the System/Sensor/Transducer
description part of TML and SensorML. As indicated in both spec, the
harmonization between the two is a work in progress.

SensorML can certainly handle what TML describes and as you mention can
better handle complex processing systems by enabling chaining of arbitrary
processes. SensorML profiles are under development to facilitate this even


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> Subject: [SensorML] SensorML and TransducerML
> The new OGC standard TransducerML contains system descriptions that are
> similiar to SensorML. It looks that SensorML is more powerfull than the
> sensor description in TransducerML (i.e. when describing complex data
> processing systems). The TransducerML specification contains notes to
> harmonize both standards. I suppose that would mean to use SensorML
> description in the header of a TransducerML document.
> Has anyone looked closer at the similarities between SensorML and
> TransducerML? Is it possible to express everything that is possible with
> TransducerML also with SensorML?
> Regards,
> Jesper
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