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I don't know if the SensorML folks are planning anything independently.  But at the Sensor Metadata Interoperability workshop last October, Gerry Creager indicated he would do at least some of that on behalf of TAMU/SCOOP.  And as part of OOSTethys, he is working on a registry that will contain some sensor information.  Several organizations committed to developing 'type' examples for the registry.  And Jens Klump at GFZ/Potsdam is interested in developing  a registry for sensor instances.

We haven't started talking about policies and procedures, or even schedule, for any of this. But I think it's all real.

These commitments are documented in the final unformatted workshop report, and I intend to track progress (and planned schedule) of these and other sensor interoperability activities on the MMI site. 

See web references below.

Sensor Metadata Interoperability workshop:
Final unformatted workshop report:
Sensor interoperability status pages (not yet released, help is welcome to develop/update/maintain):
OOSTethys & OGC Oceans Interoperability Experiment:


At 7:43 PM +0800 6/2/07, <Simon.Cox at csiro.au> wrote:
>Is there a (plan for) a registry of SensorML profiles or models?
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>Hi WenZhan.
>Sorry to take so long responding. Thanks for sending me a reminder.
>I'm assuming that what you mean by "whether SensorML has defined those
>standards or not", is whether or not we have developed profiles or example
>instances of those sensors.
>Last year, I began looking at the SEEDS (Standard for the Exchange of
>Earthquake Data) standard for seismic data and found that it was extremely
>compatible with SensorML ... The SEEDS description of the sensor system that
>can accompany a seismic observation, essentially describes a process chain
>similar to the SensorML approach. Components in the chain include the
>seismometer, amplifier, analog filters, decimator, and digital filters
>(referred to as stages in SEEDS). To support these we created a few
>necessary Digital Signal Processing components, including Finite Impulse
>Response (FIR), Infinite Impulse Response (IIR), gain, decimator, and Poles
>and Zeroes. The seismometer can be supported by the generic detector model
>in SensorML, although one may wish to create a profile for that (more about
>creating profiles in SensorML later). Our activities with the seismic
>sensors ended when the contract ended, so these process models have not been
>updated from the previous SensorML version, nor were they put into a
>complete chain to demonstrate a real example. That contract is starting back
>up, so maybe I can revisit that effort soon.
>That said, I understand "through the grapevine" that someone has separately
>created a SensorML "profile" or examples for seismic sensors, but I need to
>track down that effort assuming that its not hidden behind secure firewalls
>(if you're out there, please speak up).
>With regard to GPS, there have been several initial examples of SensorML
>descriptions for GPS sensors (mostly in the previous SensorML version).
>Since each GPS is different and since different people have chosen to show
>only particular types of output (e.g. NMEA, or proprietary formats), each of
>these descriptions have been slightly different (in other words there is no
>one "standard" way to describe a GPS sensor). I need to gather these up and
>change the examples to SensorML V1.0, but I would be able to get to that
>until a few weeks. If anyone else has examples, please submit them for
>For infrasonic and lightening sensors and their observations, I know of no
>particular examples having been created but we have described several
>similar sensor and data types in SensorML / SWE Common. If you want to send
>me more detailed information about what you have in mind, perhaps I can
>point you in the right direction or help out.
>Mike Botts
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>> Hi Mike,
>> It was nice to meet you in NASA AIST PI meeting. Our AIST project plan
>> to use SensorML for seismic, GPS, infrasonic and lightening sensor
>> tasking and data descriptions. I am wondering whether SensorML has
>> defined those standards or not. If so, could you please refer me the
>> corresponding XML file?  Thanks.
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