[Requests] Comments on Community Standard Justification: 20-005r1, CityJSON v1.0

Carsten Roensdorf Carsten.Roensdorf at os.uk
Wed Mar 4 18:16:44 EST 2020


1. Evaluator: Carsten Roensdorf (Carsten.Roensdorf at os.uk)

2. Submission: 20-005r1, Community Standard Justification: CityJSON v1.0


1. Requirement: General

2. Implementation Specification Section number: Description

3. Criticality: Major

4. Comments/justifications for changes: There is a significant risk to create confusion in the market place if the relationship between CityGML and CityJSON is not described in an clear and concise way.This relates to both current and future versions. The statement 'The developers of CityJSON consider CityJSON to be an implementation of the CityGML data model.' points in the right direction and is appreciated.

Instead of stating an intention, the work leading toward the future CityJSON community standard should turn this into an agreed position statement, underpinned by evidence. Such a positioning statement can then be used in the community standard documentation as well as general  communications by OGC. The positioning statement should also signpost the future relationship between the CityGML 3.x conceptual model and potential future versions of CityJSON in order to set an appropriate and realistic expectation about the relationship between CityGML and CityJSON.

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