[Requests] Comment on the Community Standard Justification: CityJSON v1.0 (20-005r1)

Clemens Portele portele at interactive-instruments.de
Wed Mar 4 16:30:37 EST 2020


1. Evaluator: Clemens Portele, interactive instruments

2. Submission: Community Standard Justification: CityJSON v1.0 (20-005r1)


1. Requirement: General

2. Section number: Clause 2

3. Criticality: Editorial

4. Comments/justifications for changes: 

The justification states that CityJSON is "friendly for web and mobile development". This is probably based on the fact that the size is significantly more compact and as JSON easier to parse. This is all correct, but the CityJSON design seems to be mainly aiming at pre-processed CityJSON files. It does not (really) support streaming of dynamically generated CityJSON due to the indexed geometry ("vertices"), but streaming-support would be essential for a number of web use cases. For example, CityJSON 1.0 is not a good candidate for use in OGC API Features. Should this be clarified in the justification?

I also note that the specification - unlike the justification document - does not include a statement or discussion about "web-friendlyness".

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