[Requests] netCDF proposed OGC standard - comments

andrew walsh awalsh at metoc.gov.au
Wed Sep 15 02:24:47 EDT 2010

Hello OGC,

Good news that netCDF is proposed as an OGC standard!

Some large marine data projects in Australia such as the Integrated Marine 
Observing System (IMOS) project and recently the Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) 
are making intensive use of netCDF data so its good to see netCDF in
a formal and well documented standard.

One comment I have is that has any thought been given to standardising
the names of some netCDF global attributes or this outside the scope of this standard?

Reason for my comment is that standard global attribute names would make it easier 
to generate spatial metadata such as ISO19139 metadata.  As an example
of this see the following document that the IMOS project has used for netCDF
standards - http://imos.org.au/fileadmin/user_upload/shared/emii/IMOS_netCDF_usermanual_v1.2.pdf

Thanks and regards,

Andrew Walsh
Data Facilitator - AODN
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