[Requests] SOS 2.0 request: rename procedure

I-Lin Kuo ilinkuo at usgs.gov
Tue Nov 30 17:25:16 EST 2010

Part A to be completed once.  Iterate Part B as needed.


1. Evaluator:
        David Blodgett <dblodgett at usgs.gov>
        I-Lin Kuo                       <ilinkuo at usgs.gov>

2. Submission: OGC 10-037 SOS 2.0 Candidate standard


1. Requirement: Correct inconsistent uses of "procedure" by renaming.

Currently, the word "procedure" is used in an extremely inconsistent 
fashion throughout the specification. Here are three examples out of many:

        Section 4.5     Result
        An estimate of the value of some property generated by a known 

        Section 6
        An instance of an Observation is classified by its phenomenonTime, 
featureOfInterest, observedProperty, and the procedure used. The procedure 
is usually a sensor but can also be for example a computation or 
post-processing step. 

        Table 18
        procedure       Pointer to a sensor system for which observations 
are requested. It defines a filter for the procedure property of the 
        The most egregious example is the last example, because a pointer 
to a sensor system should be named "sensorSystem", NOT "procedure." To do 
otherwise is to invite confusion. Since SOS 2.0 has chosen to pare down 
the myriad of meanings of "procedure" from SOS 1, it should take the 
further step of clarifying and removing all confusing references. The 
following are our suggestions for the actual implementation of these 

2. Implementation Specification Section number: [General, #]

        We recommend these specific changes

        1) In Table 18, change "procedure" to "sensorSystem"
        2) In Section 4, Terms and Definitions, change the definition of 
4.4 Procedure to:
                        4.4     Procedure (in the Observations and 
Measurements sense)
                        Method, algorithm , instruments, sensor and sensor 
systems (e.g. platforms). [OGC 07-022r1] Where procedure is meant in the 
normal English sense, the term "method" will be used
        3) Find all occurences of procedure in the document
                a) For those places where "procedure" is meant in the O&M 
sense, use "om:procedure"
                b) For those places where "procedure" is meant in the 
normal English usage. change to "method".
                c) For those places where "procedure" is related to the 
usage in Table 18 as a parameter, change to "sensorSystem".

3. Criticality: [Major, Minor, Editorial, etc.]


4. Comments/justifications for changes: [Comments]

        The use of the overloaded meanings for "procedure" is neither 
standard English nor intuitive and is extremely confusing even for those 
experienced with OGC standards. Adherence to a traditional misuse of the 
word should not be a justification for the continuance of this usage.

I-Lin Kuo
IT Specialist, Center for Data Analytics (CIDA)
USGS WI Water Science Center
Phone: 608-821-3895
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