[Requests] Comment to SOS 2.0 (OGC 10-037) from SWIE

Stefan Fuest Stefan.Fuest at kisters.de
Tue Nov 30 11:42:44 EST 2010

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1. Evaluator:
        Stefan Fuest
        KISTERS AG - Charlottenburger Allee 5 - 52068 Aachen - Germany
        Tel.: +49 241 9671 -176 | E-Mail: Stefan.Fuest at kisters.de | WWW: 

2. Submission: 
        OGC® SOS 2.0 Interface Standard, OGC 10-037, 2010-09-02


1. Requirement: General

2. Implementation Specification Section number: General

3. Criticality: Major

4. Comments/justifications for changes: 

While in SOS1 we had the opportunity to consider the offering as a wider 
logical SET (e.g. to group measurement activities into something like 
WATERLEVELNETWORK or PRECIPNETWORK ) we are getting problems because in 
SOS2 the PROCEDURE would not be possible to mention multiple times per 
OFFERING. From our point of view the restriction of one PROCEDURE per 
OFFERING will fundamentally reduce the flexibility of SOS2 specifically in 
larger systems.
It should be a question of a usage profile if the number of PROCEDURES per 
OFFERING is 1 or N

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