[Requests] Comment to SOS 2.0 (OGC 10-037) from SWIE

Stefan Fuest Stefan.Fuest at kisters.de
Tue Nov 30 11:26:06 EST 2010

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1. Evaluator:
        Stefan Fuest
        KISTERS AG - Charlottenburger Allee 5 - 52068 Aachen - Germany
        Tel.: +49 241 9671 -176 | E-Mail: Stefan.Fuest at kisters.de | WWW: 

2. Submission: 
        OGC® SOS 2.0 Interface Standard, OGC 10-037, 2010-09-02


1. Requirement: General

2. Implementation Specification Section number: General

3. Criticality: Major

4. Comments/justifications for changes: 

Client applications have no chance to know which type of SOS service 
(which profile) they are talking to.
Currently it is a job for a human being to study the structure of the 
getCap document in order to define the expected behaviour of the SOS.

The SOS should get some generic options to transport something like a 
subtype (or profile) in the getCap document.
OGC Web Services Common Standard defines the ServiceIdentification 
There is a field 
defined as 
        Identifier of OGC Web Service (OWS) Application Profile
This usually refers to special OGC-defined profiles, some exist for CSW 
for instance. 
Please make clear where such a subtype would need to be specified.
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