[Requests] Change requests for OGC 07-057r6 (Web Map Tiling Service Implementation Standard)

Nuke Goldstein ngoldstein at thecarbonproject.com
Mon Mar 9 18:48:16 EDT 2009



1. Evaluator: Nuke Goldstein (ngoldstein at thecarbonproject.com) 


2. Submission: OGC 07-057r6, Web Map Tiling Service Implementation Standard





1. Requirement: Attached with Track-Changed on



2. Implementation Specification Section number: Attached with Track-Changed



3. Criticality: Editorial



4. Comments/justifications for changes: 

This is the first pass of general edits to the spec. In the second run I
will implement CarbonTools and Gaia support to the spec (based on
availability of test services) and through that experience make more
comments and changes. I hope a new set of eyes will benefit this important






Nuke Goldstein | CTO/COO | The Carbon Project | www.TheCarbonProject.com
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